MFC Technologies

technology1-solar1Finding and building tomorrow.

For almost 20 years, MFC Technologies has invested in startups, and small to medium established companies poised for growth. Our goal is to help portfolio companies grow and develop loyal and stable management. We leverage our market knowledge and extensive contacts around the world to create successful investments. With a satellite office in Israel, the company has access to deal flow as well as expertise in many different fields.

MFC has invested in over 30 technology companies. This includes NetVision, Israel’s leading and largest ISP; QXL, which was the first online auction site in Europe (similar to eBay) and RMDY, a company working towards building cutting-edge digital programs to drive engagements and outcomes in the healthcare field.

Menora Financial continues to participate in pioneering ventures such as the ecologically responsible Future Crops and its newest investment in vertical indoor farming (VSPO), via its brand name, Herb-A-Licious, the Taste of Novo Agriculture. Watch the video below to see the Herb-A-Licious story.