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MFC Sports is a partner in Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball Club

Hapoel Jerusalem is the 2015 and 2017 Israeli basketball champions, as well as being the 2019 State Cup Champions.



For Hapoel Jerusalem, if you build it, they will win

Want a hometown basketball team to win? Build a new arena. That’s one of the reasons that basketball team Hapoel Jerusalem finally won its first championship game in 70 years, said Shalom Menora, one of the team owners. “The old arena was a high school gym with 2,500 seats,” said Menora. 



Game-Changer Jerusalem undergoing a renaissance

The basketball face off between Maccabi Te Aviv and Hapoel Jerusalem is a clash between Old Money Nation and Start-up Nation.


Shalom Menora lighting Chanukah candles at the Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball game.